Case Study:


Janis Milham – Fortune 500 Executive

What does a busy Senior Vice President do when she needs an impactful image for a global conference of over 4,000 people, and she has a lack of time?


Brand award ceremonies, and presentation looks:


Increased Confidence, Impact and influence:

Increased Energy:

Weight lost:


Janis Milham

Janis Milham is a Senior Vice President, and Global Brand Leader with Marriott the largest hotel chain in the world. For Marriott’s global conference, Janis had to participate in multiple award presentations, including a critical keynote to an audience of 4,000.

The Challenge

Many of Janis’ items were inadequate due to weight gain, and she was feeling run-down. 

Janis wanted to create a fresh professional imprint at the conference, which was being held at the McCormick Place Convention Center in Chicago, to showcase the confident powerful executive she is.

Mind Body Approach

We took a mind body approach with Janis to restore Janis’ equilibrium. We determined Janis required nine presentation looks crafted for maximum impact, a capsule collection to sustain her beyond the Chicago conference, and a wellness program to reduce stress. 


Solution – Have It All

Janis chose our Have It All package.  

Janis Milham is Senior Vice President and Global Brand Leader, Marriott Classic Select Brands.

We reviewed Janis’s current reality including Janis’s goals, and Marriott’s Modern Classic Select Brands stories.  We also set Janis up on a wellness program to support Janis in reducing stress and increasing self care. 



Janis lost ten pounds, realized an overall increase in energy, fitness, confidence, and influence, and Janis delivered a successful keynote to 4,000 people.

Janis’ fresh brand image in media matches Marriott’s evolving brand and her hotel portfolio. Janis stays consistently relevant in her industry and company.


What’s Next?

Janis’ personal philosophy ties directly with a core component of Marriott’s corporate philosophy; being dedicated to innovation and creating opportunities for all.

Janis’ increased ability to impact and influence has her powerfully positioned to create opportunities for others.

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