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Frontier Technologies

What does a millennial IT CEO do when she needs an impactful image in the male dominated technology space?


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Increased authenticity:


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The Challenge

As a millennial business owner in the male dominated technology space, Reshma often meets with executives much older than her; which means she often has to make an immediate impact to stand out for more than just being the young woman in the room.

The challenge: create a credible brand image consistent with Frontier Technologies brand message for an upcoming photoshoot for media pictures, press releases, and Frontier’s website relaunch that also resonates with Reshma’s youthful edge.

Reshma Moorthy


Reshma Moorthy is the CEO of Frontier Technologies, a certified minority and woman-owned award-winning IT infrastructure and cyber security company. Reshma is focusing on disruptive technologies, like artificial intelligence, to drive client innovation.

Authentic Approach

Authenticity is key to credibility. Reshma wanted her personal brand image to convey: Youth, Forward, Energetic, Powerful, and Cool. 

Reshma hired Ambitious Image for their expertise interpreting trends, decoding unclear dress codes, utilizing color to create psychological moods, and synthesizing the variables to ensure the desired outcome.


Reshma chose our Get There Package with  virtual meetings, combined with coaching through text, email, and phone support.

Ambitious Image coached Reshma through the steps to create her personal brand Image – one that was easy to manage and expand, and could sustain Reshma’s goals for the next five years.


Reshma has the tools to consistently generate a digital and in person presence that says: Youth, Forward thinking, Energetic, Powerful, and Cool. 

What’s Next?

As Frontier Technologies continues to grow, Reshma can leverage  her impactful personal brand to keep Frontier Technologies top of mind in selling situations, and all possible growth opportunities.

Over time, Reshma’s ability to impact and influence in the technology space is maximized

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